A few months ago my girlfriend and I decided we would start playing Warhammer Quest together. For awhile we having been using old minis from Hero's Quest and Battle Masters as stand ins until I finished painting up. Eventually I hope to add a good number of the GW baddies and to make actual 3d tiles. But for now I submit my first two finished (almost they need dull coat, water effects, and gloss effects) minis, the Dwarf Troll Slayer and his nemesis the River Troll (one of my very first Warhammer purchases back in '94?)
AoW Troll Slayer... might have to buy Bor as well since he is ace.

Love Felix's sculpting, have not found a person who does better Dwarfs than him in my humble opinion.

Red hair is such a blast to paint, get all kinds of color change in it to keep things interesting, I'm thinking in the future I might take my next red haired model even more 80/90s style ie pretty darn bright and much less earthy.

And the re-painted Troll. Gah, just noticed I forgot to paint the bones in his hair... bummer. Also played around with adding metallic into his scale color, to mimic fishys