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I've decided to move the bulk of my blog over to here as I like the atmosphere of the Warseer project log forums. The old blog will still have finished shots and other musings and pictures of stuff that don't really belong in this thread, but all the Pre Heresy Iron Hand goodness will be right here. That said i'm not going to move over every previous WIP pic from the blog to here, as there isn't a huge amount of backcatalogue persay, so if you do want to have a look at the army as it begun (it'll take you 2 minutes, tops) check it out [URL="http://preheresyhands.blogspot.co.uk/"here[/URL].

I've neglected to update anything for a bit due to exams, so i have quite a lot of stuff to put up. I'm going to spread it out over the next 2 weeks or so, but stuff to look forward to include green stuff recasting and 3D printing!!

Now onto some pictures,

The majority of the army is going to be in mark V plate. This is because i can easily (well i say easily) convert it from a standard plastic tactical squad. So here's a shot showing a model (sans arms, which are standard anyways) having been converted, so you get an idea of the process.

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And a couple of shots painted and based.

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This was a test model, the rest will not get based for a bit, as i like to base in batches, unlike models which mostly get painted individually. I have a couple more guys painted, but i'll get pics over the next few days.

One other thing to show you right now is my drop pod, which is standard, except that it has been built so it can separate into 3 parts so that the seats can come out. Unfortunately, it keeps breaking so it may have to be fully glued up...

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