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Hate to break it to you, but if it was pre-heresy, you'd be using Dreadclaw's.

They are pretty easy to make out the current kit, see Link to some examples.

That unit as a whole is not very preheresy, or even iron handsy... It's standard sternguard models, so wrong marks of armour, lots of aquilas, a librarian (not very IH and quite dubious in heresy generally) and a non heresy drop pod. They represent the very end period of the heresy. The idea is for the army to represent a period from before the heresy until the end of the scouring. Although i am Post Design Rationalising a bit (PDR in the future, i may use this a lot). I have to admit i didn't think that squad through as carefully as other squads. Though i should point out that this is not a 100% attention to detail pre heresy army, it simply is themed that way. So rhinos will not be mark 1 etc. Although i am planning to use contemptor dreads.

Another small update. a WIP shot of my vindicator. I've put this up because of the symbol on the door, which believe it or not is a Green Stuff recast of the Forge World Iron Hands LR doors. The detail is quite stunning for a recast, it'll be obvious when painted. You can spot that i've started to highlight the vehicle.

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Also the WIP pic of the marine is quite blurry so here's a better pic. Apologies in general for my poor photography skills.

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