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    Rhodesian Light Infantry

    Came across these during a bit of random net surfing, Rhodesian RLI troopies and Selous Scouts. From a company called under fire miniatures
    Very nicely detailed minis (I even recognise some of the poses from pictures I've seen of actual soldiers), Only slight negative is they are 20mm, I'd have preferred 28mm as the camo pattern is hard enough at 1/35 scale!

    I picked up RLI set 1, RLI 2 & Selous scout 2. Each set has a different number of minis (?) but by mixing them around and pinching one of the scout models I've got three sticks, each with a leader (radio/FN), 2 X FN and an MAG (one is an RPK, but looks cool) plus three left over scouts (for doing test paintjobs)

    Here's where they are at, cleaned, sanded, based and some primer (even managed to get my smallest drill-bit into the FN barrels:

    These were some of the 1/35; pouches are wrong, bit of a test that was never finished . . .:

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