I've put aside the Crusader project for awhile to work on a Viking Saga project for WAB/CoE and SAGA. The core of the army will be built with the Gripping Beast plastic Viking kit, with a number of metal figures tossed in for characters and other eyecandy. Those that know me and my work, know my general disdain for most metal castings, and my love for plastics. I do like these GB Plastic Vikings, great looking minis. The metals I have are character models that I picked up that included a number of henchmen also in metal. The quality of the GB metals is okay, not as good as Reaper and Foundry and Red Box Games and Avatars of War in my opinion, and a little better than the Perry Crusader stuff that I have worked with. That said they are still a pain the **** to clean-up, lots of dremel work, filing, and sanding to get rid of rough spots and pits and miscasts and ugly flash lines. And don't get me started on the crap for weapons. Thankfully GB Plastics are loaded with extra weapons which should make for an easy and cool weapon swap transition. I also plan to do a number of conversions to get even more variety out of them using bits and pieces from other manufacturers.
This is the first unit. It has the non-uniform look that I really enjoy.

I've done a lot of head swaps and added some extras here and there. I've also gotten crazy with some of the poses so, some easy mail sculpting to blend in those subtle arm repositions.

No banner yet, but the one uninspired metal guy in the middle is a place holder for that banner. My character will be the third guy from the left, next to the Berserker and the Musician. The front rank is all mounted on single 20 mm bases.

The entire second rank will be armed with throwing spears in all of the units and are on 20x 40, 20 x 60, or 20 x 80 mm bases. Back ranks are 20 mm square or 20x40 bases. On the movement trays, I have switched up my method. The shields are being left off for now, as I plan to paint them separately, will also be using some transfers on some too to cut down some of the paint time. I've decided to go with the narrow sides, as I can see these units being massed closely together for WAB at least, much different than my crusaders. The front will eventually get some eye-candy. What's a good viking unit without some carnage and pillaging eye-candy.

The first of many....