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    Sons of Horus (update: Justaerin + new project)

    Hi folks

    I'm always very much inspired by all the awesomeness around here, so I though I might share my own stuff again.
    Usually I just hang around checking stuff out, without posting, but no longer!

    I'm not sure how to proceed, given the new edition and all, not even which codex I will take..
    Maybe you guys can help me out with this.
    Hopefully I can force myself to update the blog regularly, because I really hate making photo's (I suck at it)

    A year ago I started a Luna Wolves army, but after making a Horus model for the GW Dutch & Belgian painting competetion
    I decided to sell the bunch and start all over with a Sons of Horus army.. I've been working on it for some weeks now and I have
    most of the stuff I need, but a lot still needs to be constructed or finetuned.

    Here's my Horus (which won me gold for 40k single mini)

    This is my captain (Little Horus?), which will be painted tonight

    My dread (what weapon should I take? I'm not sure, but it has been magnetized already)

    A sergeant

    A termie, two regular grunts & and a jumpacker

    let me know what you think!
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