So I decided that the biggest most impressive model in my collection needed a threat of its own.

This is a model I brought back in September 2009 with the intention of getting it built quickly.

Since then I've moved home, fallen in love gotten engaged and planned a wedding (being held August 16th)

During this time the model has just sat on the shelf getting dusty whilst the rest of the army builds in size month after month.

However after a reorganisation of my shelf following the most recent purchases it is clear I am running out of room and the Hireophant needs to be moved from its current location and taken care of.

Thus I am vowing to get this model completed before I touch another model.

So to begin lets recap where the Hierophant came from.

Upon opening the box I decovered the following contents. The genstealer is there for the purposes of scale.

So I spent the next few days cleaning and tidying the model.

I also begun to drill holes so that I could pin the various pieces together.