Last night my girlfriend made me watch the Tank girl movie, and while it was a pretty awful (in a good way) movie, the tank in it was awesome. Im wanting to make one of my own up for 40k, but would like it to "counts as" a predator. So want the size to be similar. Using a predator as the base model isnt really an option, as I want the tracks wheels to be exposed and all 40k tanks come stock with them covered up and shielded.

So can anyone recommend a kit from another company that would make a suitable base for this project? Ive found quite a few that work such as this...

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But im concerned about the size. I can find plenty that are 1/35th, but since my only modelling experience doesnt extend past games workshop and forgeworld kits, I have no idea if this would be the right size.

Any help would be appreciated!!


Ive also found a version someone else did with the same idea which ive linked below, does anyone know what kit he has based it on? Because that looks like a good start.

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