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Thread: 113th Krieg Armoured Battlegroup and 262nd Krieg Siege Regiment

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    Krieg Armoured Battlegroup

    My favourite army is Krieg...what a surprise...artillery wins wars! But I am a big fan of the Armoured Battlegroup, too. So for a long time, I have been in a dilemma: I wanted the best of the Krieg siege regiment list from IA 5 and an Armoured Battlegroup from IA 1 with its ace skills. There was a special Krieg Armoured Battlegroup in IA 7, but I missed some issues from it, mostly the ace skills.
    The 6th edition of 40k came in quite handy for me: after Forgeworld released the new allies rules for Forgeworld IGs, I am now able to play the Armoured battlegroup and ally (myself ) with the Krieg siege regiment. So now I can have both: tons if lovely Krieg tanks (and ace skills) and tons of artillery!

    So my project is, to include the new tanks and guns to my existing 262nd Krieg siege regiment. According to fluff, the Siege regiments dont have that much tanks, so they ask the Armoured battlegroups to lend them their tanks. That fact fitted perfextly in my concept! (which turned actually into a semi-mobile tank/siege artillery army). And this will be the birth of the 113th Krieg Armoured Battlegroup!

    You will notice, that I use miniatures of Forgeworld ONLY! I am quite picky on this, so...sorry, no conversions with Tamiya trucks! I am not a good re- and scratch-builder, I rather paint a lot. So, you will get pictures of my painting progress of my army. Maybe you will notice, that I mainly use washes and ink rather then base color. Actually, besides skull white primer, I almost use no base color, washes are my colors and the results are great. It was important for, that the painting process is easy to reproduce, is time saving, but I still can achieve as good effects as I can...for there are still over a hundred Krieg soldiers to paint!

    Concerning bases: I chose for my bases a world full of rock, stone, slate, which splinters if it is hit and gravel. You might ask: okay, but why would this be a toxic world? The planet also has jungles and woods, which inhabit toxic spores...and the enemy is hiding in big fortresses, cut out of the hilltops and mountains. I think this is a ideal playground for a Krieg army!

    I hope you enjoy the army and have as much fun as I have with painting. I will post pictures, army list, histories and stuff. Comments are welcome and appreciated! :chrome:
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