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Thread: Interested in writing for the new Mantic fan magazine?

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    Ironwatch: The Official Mantic Fan Magazine. Issue 40 is out!

    The Kings of War expansion Tetra Firma is now out!

    The original post with information on how you can contribute is below!

    We're starting a new Mantic fan magazine (Okayed by Mantic themselves!), similar in quality and content to the Mantic Journal, White Dwarf, or Wargaming Illustrated. The magazine will be free to download in a pdf format, and will be published once a month during the first week of the month. We're looking for your help in making this possible, as this magazine will be drawn from the best that the Mantic community has to offer! If you're interested in any of this, message me and I can give you the information to how to organize and submit articles.

    EDIT: Submissions email address is

    If you're interested, right now we're looking for:

    (THE BIG THREE. We need as many of these as possible at first, as this will really help flesh out the magazine in its initial format)

    1) Artists: Fan art is appreciated and welcomed!

    2) Authors: Background stories, fluff, or adventures and history, whatever floats your boat!

    3) Searchers: Just looking for and helping us find awesome Mantic related articles of all kinds is helpful, as we then can ask for permission to reprint their article. This includes blog posts or forums outside of the official Mantic ones.

    Other help needed (No limit, so if you want to help with more than one, feel free to!):

    -Editors: There will be a lot of content, and the more eyes to help us proofread it, the better!

    -Rule Designers: We're hoping to include a sample of special rules each issue, to add flavor to scenarios or give fun alternative gameplay methods.

    -Battle Reporters: Any battle reports you have would be great! They add a lot of flavor, especially if we can show both pictures of the battle as well as diagrams of troop placements from a program like Vassal or Battle Chronicler.

    -Campaign designers: We're hoping to have an ongoing campaign in the magazine as well, with a new flavored scenario that builds off of the results of the last scenario. Players will be able to post if they won/lost and who they fought against, and so we'll need authors for the overarching story, forum people to help moderate and track the web polls, and possibly rule designers for any special rules in the scenarios.

    -Comic artist: A nice ongoing comic would be a fun touch.

    If you're interested, let us know and I'll get you the informaiton. Take the opportunity to help make the Mantic community even more amazing!
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