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Thread: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

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    Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    Hi guys,

    Sorry if I have missed the answer to this elsewhere as I'm sure this isn't an uncommon question.

    I discovered the benefits of the GW Foundation pints a bit late in the game unfortunately and have only recently discovered just how useful Dheneb Stone is, as it takes to washes really well.

    Unfortunately though I only have two pots left and am about to start a large Dark Eldar army.

    The problem I have is that I have experimented with lots of different paints to get a skin tone I am happy with and it relies quite heavily on Dheneb Stone.

    I have found colour replacements in the Vallejo range which are a close enough match but I am not sure if they will cover smoothly over a black undercoat, or if they will take to washes in the same way as Dheneb Stone.

    Has anybody found a colour in either Vallejo, Reaper or P3 that is as good.

    I know there is an equivalent colour in the new GW range, but only as a layer paint rather than a base and I won't touch the new layer paints as their coverage is too weak.

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    Re: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    There was a conversion chart PDF on the GW site, don't know if it's still there and can't find where I saved it, but I will say I've been very impressed with the new paints so far, even the layer paints have better coverage than the old paints. Even if there's not a base colour in the same tone, there may be one a bit darker you can use and then layer with the equivelent.
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    Re: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    If you look at the GW conversion chart, it says the new equivalent paint is Rakarth Flesh. This is a base colour, so it is a foundation paint like Dheneb Stone.
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    Re: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    Why do you need a replacement, depending on your location you can get the real thing
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    Re: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    I also share your love for Deneb Stone & use it a lot in various armies. Rakarth Flesh is the replacement but its a little bit darker. I think you could lighten it with just some white but haven't (had to) tested it yet. I'm in the same world of hurt with Tallarn Flesh.

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    Re: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    Cheers guys, might give Rakarth Flesh a go.

    The only thing that puts me off sourcing Dheneb Stone is that I won't always be able to guarantee getting it, and I am a terribly slow painter so don't want to make a start and then possibly run out.

    And I am also missing Tallarn flesh too, it's like having to learn to paint all over again.

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    Re: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    I loooooooved Dheneb Stone. Rakarth Flesh is it's 'replacement' and really is excatly the same colour, maybe slightly more cream than white and with a tiny bit less coverage.
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    Re: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    Its always awkward when you have to make do with a replacement.

    although the rakarth flesh is good, if you're set on Dheneb Stone then maybe time to look for exact pots? ebAy will be your friend, maybe the trade forums here (or elsewhere) and take the time to stock up? a few /$$$ now will give you a great uniform colour for your army.

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    Re: Dheneb Stone repalcement that has similar coverage?

    Best conversion chart I have found is this.

    Hope that helps maybe the chart needs a sticky somewhere.

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