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Thread: Bringing out the big guns. Spruglys New blog.

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    Bringing out the big guns. Spruglys New blog.

    Hi all,
    It's about time I started a new blog, the last one tailed off a bit and got a bit big and unwieldy. If you've not seen it tho please give it a look, there's a lot of pics of cool stuff there if I do say so myself!

    But, onwards and upwards.

    I have recently bought a greater brass scorpion and a warhound titan. These will be my next 2 models to build and paint, or at least that's the plan.

    However I have a couple of models to finish first, namely a stormtalon and a captain. Both are nearly done, the stormtalon needing just the base finishing.

    So I thought id show the talon off first.

    As you can see I've lengthened the tail and fitted the assault cannons right up in the body of the thing. Looks much more streamlined like this and not so stubby! The weapon pods are also magnetized so I can swap them out between games.

    Cheers all, hope you like it.

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