Just a couple of rumours, that I feel should be taken with a pinch of salt (actually, take a pinch of salt out of the bag, then just tip the bag over the shoulder) pertaining to the rumoured Lizards - rumour sources are as yet unverified for the most part and unreliable;

In short - monster heavy.

I have the date of a late summer/early autumn release next year for Lizardmen, which sort of matches Harry's prediction of Mid 2013.

There are whisperings of a new "super monstrous cavalry" unit; pertaining in particular to units of Carnosaur mounted Saurus; I believe this is more akin to a ridden monster rare unit like a Stonehorn. I have heard of a new plastic carnosaur (singular); as well, but nothing concrete. It will also be the first time in 8th Edition (to date) that a character will be able to ride the same monstrous beast as the unit in its army - the Empire peg-captain doesn't count, and that's presuming that Grymloq changes to MC, rather than staying as a Monster.

Slann now becomes a multi-part plastic set - availability for a Relic Priest (Kroak, including Deathmask), a normal Priest, and a special limited edition plastic combination pack (similar to the Exalted Daemon Chariot) that combines a Stegadon and a Slann Priest to recreate Mazdamundi. In addition, they get access to Disciplines, but these may not be taken more than once. Reading into rumours suggests that Slann have Loremaster (see below for reasoning).

All Saurus armies become "viable" thanks to the return of Sacred Spawnings - units can purchase Sacred Spawnings like a Mark of Chaos, while characters get access to them off the bat. One will allow them to join Temple Guard units, others will give benefits to specific units, like Magic Resistance or Devastating Charge (Sotek?), while others (like Itzl, or whatever the Cold One Riders are), are already included within their stats.

Razordons and Salamanders become a Dual part plastic Monstrous beasts + handler kits, 2 Monsters and 6 Handlers to a set.

Couatl model - working like a Terrorgheist in that it can be both a mount (rumours are to be available at sub-200 points to allow 2 to be taken for heroes in 2400 games) and a monster, presuming rare.

The Stegadons become special choices as well, with a unit "upgrade" to Ancient stats, and a weapon "upgrade" to didgeridoo blowdarts. Skink Mounts still available IIRC.

Skink Priests gain access to Beasts as well as Heavens. In addition, Skink Priests may become "attendants" to a Slann - basically I read it as a Skink Priest option allowing it access to the same Lore the Slann itself knows. Reading into that suggests that Slann have Loremaster as standard.

The return of the Arcanadon - one thing that every non-lizard player is going to hate, a pokemon venusaur/stegadon crossover which takes in solar power to create a blast of magical light, in the form of a cannonball/stone thrower/flame cannon/breath weapon monster. Although nothing concrete about the presumed dual nature of the kit, it could possibly be a much "wanted" Thunder Lizard capable of making thunderstorms. This is eerily reminiscent of the Luminarks/Hurricanums however, so I am EXTREMELY DOUBTFUL and think is little more than wishlisting. Combined with the Couatl which is also a "thunder/weather" monster, this might be crossed wires, OR wishlisting (I believe the latter, though).

Apparently Nakai will return - an apparently unbreakable "autohealing" monster non-general hero choice.

If all proves to be true, it looks like the possibility of a monster heavy army;

- Oldblood
-- Carnosaur
- Kroq-Gar
-- Carnosaur
- Mazdamundi
-- Stegadon
- Tenenhauin
-- Stegadon
-- Couatl (?)
- Nakai

- Skink Priest
-- Couatl
-- Stegadon
-- Terradon
- Skink Chief
-- Stegadon
-- Couatl (?)
-- Terradon
- Tiqtaqto
-- Terradon
- Scar Veteran
-- Carnosaur (?)

- Skink+Kroxigor Cohorts
- Cold One Riders (?/reliant on Kroq Gar)

- Stegadon/Steg Ancient
- Kroxigors
- Terradons

- Arcanadon
- Thunder Lizard
- Couatl
- Carnosaur Monster/Carnosaur Monstrous Cavalry
- Salamanders
- Razordons

Assuming some points values, a 3K game can get 3 Rare Monsters, 3 Hero+Monsters, and 1-2 Lord+Monsters.

As again, HUGE pinch of salt to be taken.