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Thread: Dark Eldar of the Frogotten Realms Persussian

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    Dark Eldar of the Frogotten Realms Persussian

    I figured I couldn't post images of my Dark Eldar in my Imperial Log... well more than I already have done, so time to start an Xenos log

    I always thought the Dark Eldar were such horrible miniatures back when I played 40k, (2nd/3rd?) but I liked that they weren't simply the doomed race, who coincidentally should consider running away more often if they that much of a greying population.

    So when the new Dark Eldar came out, I was blown away by the quality of the minis, knew immediately I must have a few. So I picked up a box of the jet bikes, figuring I would get the painting bug out of my system with something fun and easy. To no avail, these minis are just so great to paint, so much detail squeezed onto such tiny things.

    I also decided to push my basing skills here by incorporating several new things, resin bits (started this process with my Blood Angels), seasonal colors, thematic hues (ie I painted everything fairly darkly to represent these guys attacking at night fall or at night), and water effects. I used Enviortex Lite, which is a bit of a hazard to your lungs, and was a huge pain to mix. Now I use Woodland scenic, which is no fun to have to repour 10 times, but sure beats the trouble of Enviortex.

    These guys and ladies were definitely some of my favorite models to date and it was really great taking up close shots of them.

    First an army shot, excuse the horrible lighting, my work lamp broke, but I got creative and made an ad hoc light box for the close ups.
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