Apparently I deleted my post when I wanted to edit a spelling error...oh well, I'll post it again:


Awesome plog! I'm in the process (very slow process) of building a similar board. I have the same old GW article as you, so some of your buildings look identical to mine!

Some of my concerns with my project:

I want to make some road tiles (to create some open space among all the ruins), but how to make the surface of the road itself? Plasticard? Maybe fine sandpaper to get a tarmac-y feel?

What is the best way to make rubble piles? I'm currently looking into combining smashed up plaster, cut up GW sprue and sand to get different sized bits. I've seen kitty litter used as well, but I don't know how it would work. For creating large piles of rubble I intend to cut a rough shape in polystyrene to get the shape of the mound and then glue rubble on top. This should make it more lightweight and less material will be needed.

Keep up the great work!