As some of you might now, one of my other hobbies is customizing 1/6 figures, using parts from a myriad of different 1/6 figure manufacturers. I mostly do 20th century or post-apocalyptic figures, but recently I've been working on a Guardsman. Namely a soldier from the Jumael 1st "Lucky Aces".

I've used a lot of different parts for this figure, and everything has been customized, repainted and or weathered in some way. I've also made some stuff from scratch like the combat knife, while some other stuff, like the Bolter and the grenades, are made out of resin.

Anyway, here he is, a hardened veteran of the Jumael 1st 'Lucky Aces', during the battle of Ironhide Fortress.

I'm also working on a Valhallan soldier at the moment, so stay tuned for more.

If you have any questions, just ask!

Some of my other fig's, not related to 40k though;