Hello all,

In light of all the information being leaked on the new Chaos dex, I've been thinking about the Hellbrute (for the uninitiated, that's the new name for the chaos dreadnought).

Previously, If one were running a dreadnought, you ran as one of three things: a gun platform, a melee engine, or a melta-surprise.
As a gun platform, one would run it with twin autocannons. There is simply no other option for this type of dreadnought.
As a melee engine, you strap on another DCCW (now just power fists) and punch yourself in the face for being dumb enought to try to use a regular dreadnought as a close-combat unit.
As a melta-surprise unit, you give it a multi-melta and pod it in behind enemy lines, and wreck oneone's ****. This last one does not apply to chaos, of course.
So, really, Chaos dreads have one use, and that's as your twin autocannon platform. I know some of you out there have your own special dreadnought that bamf's around with a plasma cannon and a DCCP, or wahtever, but for pure, unadulterated efficiency, this is your best bet.

The problem I have is that with the arrival of the Forgefiend, it seems that Hellbrutes will have no purpose. 8 S:8 shots is better than 4 S:7 TL shots, period, and even better against fliers. You COULD give them the ectoplasm cannons and do somethign different, but for my money I'd rather go with a possessed Vindi for the better armor adn the ability to insta-kill pretty much anything. Plus the large blast midigates the crappy BS.
Anywho, so what do I do with my Hellbrutes? I've got 3 of them, so I'm not content to let them sit out all of my games. Even IF melee dreads weren't terribel, it seems that Maulerfiends will do that better, so that's not an option.

Any ideas?

All the best,