Since the release of the new chaos codex the rules for the Heldrake have been really appealing to me but I just could not get over the overly designed model that was released. I felt like it had a great deal of converting potential so I decided to purchase the thing and have at it. Here is what I have come up with. I've dubbed it the Hell Razor.

The goal was to make it more closely resemble the Hell Blade that it is supposed to have mutated from. so in my mind the first thing to go was the long neck and dragon head that thematically feel really out of place for me in the chaos look and feel. next to go was its weird chicken legs and arms and replacing them with more tentacles that would allow it to clamp on the ship hulls. after working on this kit for a few hours I couldn't help but notice that the biggest problem the model as released his is a lack of editing on the part of the designers. it seems they tried to throw everything and the kitchen sink theme wise on the model and it ends up looking way too busy and lacks any sort of sillhouette.

Next step is to do a little greenstuff work where the wings and body join to add in a bit of that daemonic flesh that connects them. ill be adding more photos as i progress.