Hi First of all excuse me for my poor english, I'm still practicing. I'm a long time lurker, some months ago I signed up and only today I decided to start my plog also here ^^ Maybe some of you recognize the title of my thread from Da Warpath, my old, dear greenskin home, and I invite you to visit my plog on that forum if you want to see all the wip photos of my minis.
I'm a absolute greenskin lover, I collected them for over eight years and I can't stop adding new stuff to my army. Currently I'm nearing 9000 points of troops, reaching easily 12-13000 with all the heroes, it's not totally legal game-wise, but I'm mostly interested in the collection, conversion and painting side of the hobby, plus I live in a Warhammer-free zone . My painting standard is not really high, I call it FPS: for personal satisfation xD A decent, quick level
I have lots and lots of photos, but I'm looking to redo most of my old, crappy photos and post the new ones here ^^
I decided to divide my army in sub-sections, every one of them with a particular theme. I decided to work on one of them for the next Armies on parade: it's an army eavily inspired by the 'Ard boyz lists you could find on Storm of Chaos. Most of the models will be converted and unique, except for the 77 metal black orcs, obviously xD Here's the plan:
Since that image I changed it a lot, removing the boar boyz and adding Ruglud's unit and a Gork idol.
I love to work on big 'uns, and these are some of them from my first unit:

Here is the wip second big'uns unit, converted from lots of different models and kits. The last rank is still incomplete. Don't pay attention to the painted bits, I bought them used and they where already painted, but will be redone in my style, obviously ^^

The third and last (for now xD) unit will be mostly made with 5th-6th edition boar boyz converted with regular boyz legs. They came quite higher than the normal warriors and they're quite different. I'm still waiting for some bits, tho.

My immortulz are going to be entirely converted or made of limited models, too, but I have not a recent photo, so I will leave a link to the old one.
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Aaaand, last one for today (although I still have lots to post), a really old shaman, dated 1987, if I'm not wrong, so older than me xD The skull is not an original piece of the model, but when I received the miniature part of the staff was missing, so I decided that a single modern bit would have not ruined the atmosphere :P

He's going to lead my walking (similar to the FW one) Gork idol to war, so it will have a modular base to fit in the bigger idol one