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Thread: Gladiator Pit - Homebrew(ish) rules for Roman Gladiators

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    Gladiator Pit - Homebrew(ish) rules for Roman Gladiators

    Dear all,

    I've been working on a set of gladiatorial combat rules and would dearly love some constructive feedback.

    The rules are based on the old Pit Fighter rules which were a spin off from the GW game Mordheim, but have been heavily modified, hopefully making them more suited to a historical game. From my playtesting the rules give interesting one on one games and have coped well with up to six players, with each one controlling a gladiator either in a free for all or a team battle.

    The game uses the same hex board as the pit fighter rules (found elsewhere on thew net and which I've attached to be helpful) and the idea of a movement scroll which gives specific types of movement, attack and defence factors and armour details for each type of gladiator. Pit fighter used the idea of initiative as being the deciding factor as to when models moved and attacked, and I've kept that system. A gladiator's initiative will drop during the game based on the type of movement or attack they make and the the weight of the armour they are wearing. Heavily armoured gladiators will tire more quickly than lightly armoured ones. Movement can be slow, medium or fast and attacks can be normal or 'mightly blows. fast movements or mighty blow attacks will cause the models initiative to drop.

    I've done away with toughness as a concept as it was more suited to Orcs and humans rather than humans v humans. fan based additions to Pit Fighter introduced the concept of body location cards to conviently show where atacks were to be aimed. I've built the cards concept into these rules. (again found elswehere on the Net - I'm sorry I can't remember where, but I'm happy to namecheck if the origonal creator can be located)

    I've made specific movement scrolls for various types of gladiator. I've also created rules for specific types of historical weapons, revamped critical hit tables and skills as a gladiator becomes more experienced. Lastly I've created a play record sheet to keep track of the weapon skill, initiative, strength and hit points each gladiator has as well as planning the movement that they will make in the upcoming turn.

    Currently I'm working on some special characters (based on the film 'Gladiator' of course) and rules for animals in the arena.

    Hopefully this will whet the appetite of folks out there. and I look forward to any feedback

    thanks all.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails movement scroll - basic gladiators.pdf   Gladiator Pit Rules.pdf   PitFighterBoard.pdf   gladiator game sheet.pdf   body cards.pdf  

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