I know this is a rather eregious threadromancy, but I wanted to wait until everything was finished before posting up pictures of it, and that didn't happen until just the other day. Better late than never, I suppose.

So here, at long last, is my Tau fleet. I tried posting up images directly onto here but I couldn't get them to load properly, and the link button doesn't seem to be working for me either. You can see the images of it in the latest post of my blog, accessible through my signature.

Since registry sharing seems to be a thing on here (and so that it isn't a very short post), the fleet consists of:

Merchant class starship - Serenity (Flagship)

2 Orca class gunships - Shuttle 1 and Shuttle 2

Explorer class starship - Galactica

Explorer class starship - National Geographic

Merchant class starship - Tantive IV.

Merchant class starship - Heart of Gold

Merchant class starship - Alice Liddell

Hero class starship - Pegasus

Hero class starship - Sulaco

Messenger class starship - Nostromo

Messenger class starship - Prometheus

Messenger class starship - Millennium Falcon

6 Defender class starships - Nightwish Squadron

6 Defender class starships - Delain Squadron

3 Orca class gunships - Sirenia Squadron

3 Orca class gunships - Imperia Squadron

2 Orca class gunships - Anette Squadron

2 Orca class gunships - Tarja Squadron

Orbital - Haven

Orbital - Gateway Station

Custodian class carrier - Zelbinion

Emissary class starship - Charlotte Wessels

Emissary class starship - Sharon Den Adel

4 Warden class gunships - Cristina Squadron

3 Castellan class heavy escorts - Lacuna Squadron

I do actually have more fluffy names planned for them, to be used in parallel with the awesome names I gave them, but they get assigned when I get around to actually writing down the background for each ship, so for now there's only one complete set of names.