A fairly common subject when it comes to the Astartes, "How big are they?” The size of a Marine varies much within the publications, the models themselves are not distinguished height wise from a Guardsman or any bipedal Xenos. So what is to say what is right and what is wrong. My personal approach on the table top is a head and a shoulder larger than a standard guardsmen, and a typical Primarch would be a similar comparison but to a marine instead. This has been my personal image in my mind’s eye as to their stature. Keep in mind there are variations in this as in all things, for example the XX Legion was known to be taller still in comparison, old knights on Caliban who joined the Dark Angels were not able to be brought to the size of a fully altered Astartes, as well as Magnus the Red being a cyclopean giant amongst the Primarchs. So let’s break my process down now in practice.

Here we have a set of MKIV Maximus armour ready for assembly.

I first separate the legs at mid-thigh trying best not to cut into any detail elements.

Using standard GW model sprue I cut chunks that are no wider than the leg.

They are then glued in between the leg sections.

It may be asked "why here?" This comes down to proportioning in my opinion. Let’s put up an example:

In my studies mostly from Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life, generally a human proportion can be divided into halves. From head to toe the midpoint should generally be the groin, and if we take these two new segments created from this division and half them again you should have the chest and your knee. Based on this I typically found a marine’s thigh was stunted in proportion to their lower leg. There are most likely other anatomy issues but I found this was a simple way to achieve the stature I was looking for without making the model appear goofy or disproportioned, at least in my opinion.

Here is a comparison of the conversion next to the standard.

Here is the kit built the sprue is now joined by green stuff to fill in the obvious gap. I typically fill it in a bit larger than the thigh with green stuff, for once it has cured I will go in and file and shave it down to match the original profile.

Thank you for the responses, happy to see some old avatars and new ones. Hope you guys liked the first tutorial let me know what you thought. Also in other news I have finished hacking up some of the original army as to do away with unfitting equipment as to a Legions list. I think some of you will be happy to see some of the items removed.

Yes the Thunder Swords are gone. Although this was more to do with 6th Editions introduction of unique weapon profiles for axes, hammers and swords. Cyclone Missile Launchers and Storm Shields go as well as the power fists on the Tech Marine. Ammo carriers are gone since the heavys are all armed with the big guns.

Well till next time,