I have put up a video showing the new Rules Manual and pictures from it here:

Hope that helps!

There Elf Knights, Eagles, Gwaihir, Finecast Goblin King, Finecast Thorin's Company, Another Hunter Orc Leader with some spiky bone bits around him, The Grimhammer Dwarves, some leaders are mentioned too. Azog is riding a White Warg, so we will notice him quite readily! In the video, I thought the Hunter Orc might be Azog, but no, he's not!
Good video. Surprisingly no-one's put up any still pictures (trust me i've looked) but you do a fine job of focusing the camera.

The Orc on the White Warg is apparently a character called Yazneg Seen here and I believe will serve kind of as a 'Lurtz' character for the climatic fight in an unexpected journey. Azog himself, well there's hints that he may be the Orc who leads the goblins in the Battle of Five Armies having been resurrected by the Necromancer (Bolg allegedly is killed by Gandalf in Dol Guldur).

The Grim Hammers are fantastic models, although their armour seems nearly identical to that of the dwarf warriors we've seen in the production video. Is there a 'generic' dwarf warrior profile which can be equipped with spears and shields as we've seen before, or are those the grimhammers? There is a slight difference in that the standard warriors seem to have just fabric skirts while the grim hammers have scale skirts.

The eagles too are stunning models. I'm kind of hoping the swooping one is Gwaihir since it seems a much more heroic pose (in fact i bought one of the wood elf eagles to use as Gwaihir for exactly that reason- it's a more dramatic and 'heroic' posture than just 'flying')

As far as finecast goes, i'm yet to take the plunge. I am thinking that particularly for the Hobbit where there are some models only produced in finecast that i would like, that i may purchase them and then recast a single set in metal or a more reliable resin rather than risk the vagueries of the material.

No it's not too late. If you have ordered the items via mail order you are within your rights to return the items and request a refund without having to give a reason for returning the good within one week of receipt of the goods.
Nah, i'm good Wintermute. To be honest i don't really give a stuffing about points values anyway- this is a narrative game to me, a bit like Inquisitor, so how many orcs there are to a pound of dwarves doesn't really matter that much to me. I mean if it was a matter of an act of solidarity i'd consider it, but i think most are desperate enough to get their claws on the new rules and models that i'm permitting myself to be weak and not return them in righteous indignation. Much like Rob Alderman, i was going to buy the main rulebook anyway for the hobby sections (and nicer format, those pocket sized rulebooks have never really won me over) so i'm not missing out on anything.

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