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Thread: The Fall of Astraea

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    The Fall of Astraea

    How can we have overlooked them,
    Creeping in the shadows of our glorious sector?
    Viceroy Gronemeyer was only the beginning,
    The progenitor of a corruption that sinks to the very depths
    and across the breadth of our society.
    I will not let this come to pass.
    For too long we have allowed them to linger in the shadows,
    This secret will not be allowed to be discovered.

    Their stench must be purged;

    Kill. Them. All.

    Att. Inquisitor Joachim Ramus , transcr. Marlo Willison

    ++++++++ ENCRYPTING +++++++++++

    Everything you have been told is a lie...

    MW-Intelligence file loading to your data-slate now, sir;

    ‘ASTREA is an Imperial planet within the Trachian sector of Segmentum Tempestus. It is the sub sector capital and has an estimated population of 6.2 billion. Its main hive city, Hive Primus, is thought to have a population of 4 billion. Due to the mechanised nature of the forge cities on Astraea the majority of its populace are involved in PDF training or sector administrational work. An estimated 0.5billion work in argi-domes dotted around the equatorial regions of the planet and circling the major forge cities as well as the three main hive cities. The planetary governor, Olivus Colland, hails from Trachia V. He was appointed by Viceroy Grönemeyer four decades ago after the public assassination of Papius Aleyn by members of a solar cult.’

    JR-Our records do not show the result of any specific investigation into Aleyn’s death. Although some three hundred ‘known cult sympathisers’ were executed for crimes against the Emperor by sector defence forces in the six months that followed Colland’s rise to power.

    MW-The Ecclesiarchy reports Astraea to be devout. The Administratum receives higher tithes than mandated. The PDF and Arbites host outstanding training facilities; indeed, many of the lower ranking Inquisitorial agents in the Trachian sector hail from Astraea.’

    Astraea would have gone unnoticed for many hundreds of years had the concluding mandate of the Vanaheim Enclave’s investigation into ++++++EXCOMMUNICATE+++++PESSIMUS+++ORDO++++TRAITOR IS++++ lead to questions being asked of Grönemeyer’s ability to hold together this somewhat volatile sector. The threat is triplicate in Trachian space. Cults are emerging across neighbouring worlds and colonies; the orbital space ports of Trachia V are in open revolt. There is constant threat from a minor Ork Waaagh! and the very real danger of possession following the events of +++++ACCESS.GRANTED++++CENTRON+++TRACHIA>IV+++++++

    JR-Our first objectives are to ascertain the ability of Colland. Establish a base within the upper spire of Hive Primus. Liaise with the Adeptus Mechanicus about corruption protocol. Infiltrate solar cult.

    MW-A staff of ten should be more than sufficient for the first six months of the investigation. I should not think it necessary to remain on Astraea for any longer than one year…

    JR-Agreed. One lander will suffice. I will requisition further transportation from our friends at the precinct upon planetfall.

    MESSAGES:<Marlo Willison><Joachim Ramus, Inquisitor. ORDO HERETICUS>

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