So, whilst I am working a few Thousand Son conversions I thought I would add these two shots to show my progress on the force:

Half of a thousand sons by shepplestone

Another half of a thousand sons. by shepplestone

The current project is to get done

3 Exalted Sorcerors
4 Soul reaper conversions (gotta kit out the old squads)
10 of the new Thousand Sons
10 of of a conversion kit for the Thousand sons.

Once all these are done, I'll just need some of the new Scarab Occult, another Squad of the new Thousand Sons and a third Rhino and I'll be complete.

I've been thinking of building one more squad of T'sons with nothing but flamers and a Soul Reaper Cannon and putting them in a Rhino as an objective grabber. I think only the most suicidal of opponents would charge such a unit and (even if not cost effective) it would present an interesting choice on the table (a sqaud with 8 flamers, a soulreaper cannon and a sorceror).

Then its on to building up either my nids or working on the black legion...