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Thread: And so it begins... Sureshot05's plog of everything.

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    Re: And so it begins... Sureshot05's plog of everything.

    Thank Hokiecow.

    Well, first up is a picture taken whilst Warseer was down.

    Full Guard Army by shepplestone
    It's always nice to get group shots and you can see the Shadowsword is missing. Wouldn't mind adding a few more chimera and russ's, but the force brings me plenty of entertainment on the table.

    However, those who have looked through the thread will remember the early Thousand Son Scarab terminators I converted and general Thousand son theme.

    Well, clearly last Christmas was aimed at me with a full broadside by GW. I actually feel the new Scarab Occult terminators resemble the style I was going for quite well and I like to think there may have been a connection. :P (though probably not, but don't spoil the moment!)

    Anyhow, clearly with all this thousand sons release going on I had to get involved. And where else would I get involved except with this guy:

    Magnus in progress by shepplestone

    Skin and hair are done. These have followed the GW vid pretty closely except for the hands and feet which i wanted to make more purple and daemonic. Next up is the wings which is where I am going to deviate more from the official scheme before i go on to the remaining details on the main model.

    The armour is quite a tough choice for me. Whilst I appreciate the gold and silver of the GW scheme, I feel that doesn't match my T'sons that well, so I think I will be going for silver and midnight blue. A more archaic, dark evil feel to the armour rather than the bright scheme of GW, as befits someone who is never wrong and has 10,000 years of plotting to prove his arrogance and doesn't care for the cost to mortal lives.
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