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Thread: And so it begins... Sureshot05's plog of everything.

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    Re: And so it begins... Sureshot05's plog of everything.

    Quote Originally Posted by blackcherry View Post
    Brilliant. I do prefer the hands and feet how you have done them sureshot.
    Thank you. I wanted a more stark contrast to emphasize on the daemonic nature.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doi View Post
    Skin looks fantastic. How did you do the feet/hands? Looks like more than just purple washes.

    I started with a heavy dry brush of purple over the hands, with it getting thinner towards the wrist. Afterwards, I washed with purple ink, then i did my highlights in a much starker pink (tentacle pink) and then i washed again. I was very slow in doing the transitions in most areas, as I really took care to keep the transition smooth. If you look at the wings, which I am just starting on, you can kinda see the first stage before inking between the purple and pink at the beginning.

    Of course, I couldn't just stop at Magnus so I also picked up a few other things over the last couple of months. Its cost a lot, but it is going to last the year hopefully so totally worth it.

    This is the stuff I got from GW
    <photobucket error - photo used to show 3 plastic sorcerors, 1 squad of new rubrics and 1 ahriman>

    But before the TS release, I was given a gift from my wife, which contained these lovely conversion parts, which I have finished building and will be painting at the same time (on the left).

    <See later post for the painted versions of these conversions>

    Once I have this lot done (which is going to take a while) I expect to be buying another box to TSons to add a lot more Soulreaper cannons to my forces. I have two 9 man squads of the old TSon's plus the converted set above who all need Soulreapers. So I am thinking a box of Tsons and some forgeworld Rotor cannons to complete the missing cannons from the other squads. The side effect being that I will end up with about 50 Tsons before counting sorcerors, terminators, vehicles or daemons... So yes, this is definitely becoming an apocalypse force.... Though technically, I could just field a sorceror and 6 squads of 10 Tson's in a 1850 game....
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