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Thread: And so it begins... Sureshot05's plog of everything.

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    Re: And so it begins... Sureshot05's plog of everything.

    Well, what a disaster. 6 months ago my phone got smashed and its taken a while to recover. Then, the photobucket disaster hit this blog badly. So I'll have to go back and either delete old posts or update photos. I've fixed the first few posts, but its going to take a lot of work to do the lot, I'll see what I can do.

    On the plus side, I have moved to flickr and its much easier to upload my usual selection of bad photos so I can resume blogging now!

    so lets look at my Thousand sons progress:

    Ahriman by shepplestone

    A nice new sorceror to aid the force who is definitely not Ahriman (oh no!). Also, finished a couple of the new Rubric's including the icon bearer which is a nice addition to the force. They are slightly taller than the old Rubrics, but not noticeably so. Hoping to finish the force this year, but suspect that it will be next year before I get that far.

    Of course, the sorceror isn't Ahriman, oh no! Why? Well, here he is (again)

    Ahriman on foot by shepplestone, on Flickr

    On foot! This means that in this plog (once i fix the photobucket issues) I have all three versions of Ahriman in my Thousand Son's scheme. I am torn as to which is better. The old metal is truly iconic, but the new plastic does have some funky features. I am glad that I can field all of them in one army though! Haha.

    For those who are not familiar, I often reinvent the colour scheme of a force/chapter to my own tastes. In this case, the default GW scheme was too bright and neat for a force that had been waging a war for the dark gods for 10,000 years so I wanted to make them both more sinister, but also more worn looking, hence the colour scheme choice.

    Also, in the last few months we have had a Chimera roll off the assembly line to add to my guard and the start of a new Ultramarine squad.

    Ultramarines arise by shepplestone

    I've since revisited the bases to give them a final tidy up but there is plenty of room for improvement. The chapter symbols and tactical symbols are freehand which i think I have managed with varying degrees of success, though my tremours means that doing tha thrice accursed Ultra symbol is always a challenge. Similarly, my take on the Thousand Son symbol is also free hand and I will try and get a shot of that for next time (now that everything is working).

    Thanks for looking and comments always appreciated
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