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Fantastic Magnus, nice Rubric's, good start on the Ultramarines. Cannot really see the tank as it is in shadow. Don't let the Photobucket block get you down, you can actually download your whole album and then load them onto flickr and edit your older posts with the new links.


Thanks Captain. the photo of the ultra's wasn't actually taken for this plog, but it was good to bring it in as more content is always nice. Similary the tank in the shadows will emerge soon! Though, speaking of models hiding in the shadows, this is a model hiding in another shot that I recently finished and am quite pleased with how he/she/it/"whatever it wants to be" has come out.

The Changeling by shepplestone

I love both versions of the changeling model, but this one just edges out the plastic for me as i prefer the robes and creasing (the other changeling is a bit smoother due to plastic) but both are great. I toyed with adding luminous writing to the staff's trailing banners, but felt the model was bright enough already and didn't want to break the sinister theme of this mischievous daemon.

Hope to be adding more Ultras, and Rubrics this week to the plog. I'll also try to get a group shot of the Thousand son army as it stands, as its nearly 3.2k points of models now and group shots are always great.