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    Re: Returning Player - Army Choice Advice Requested

    Add space wolves to that 'crons/knights/guard' list. Wolves still have a lot of very strong options, some of the best core troops around, and some of the best duelists outside of special characters. Plus they have some of the most effective psykers and anti-psyker gear. They lack in fliers, but by the time you're playing large enough games where that will be an issue, you can ally in guard and use vendettas, which are still some of the best fliers around. Guard are their prefered ally thematically, as well. Wolves/guard are two great tastes that taste great together.

    Add Daemons of Chaos to the 'do not start now' list. They're pretty strong at the moment, at least the tzeentch ones, but that's due to update rules that are hard to get, and more importantly they're due for a new book in the next month or three, so who knows that they'll look like then.

    Dark Angels were just released, and they're a pretty good choice. Their book is versatile, allowing for a bunch of builds, and they've got a ton of fun and flavorful options and special rules. Their new fliers are kind of bad, but they can ally guard for vendettas, which should be good for another year or two, at least.

    Chaos Marines just got a new book, but I don't really recommend it. They can put an effective army together, but their internal balance is very poor, with all sorts of obvious 'do take' or 'don't take' options restricting your ability to adapt in a competitive environment, and will limit their effectiveness in the long term. All they need is for some future book or update or meta shift to hard-counter the baledrake, and they'll be basically objectively worse versions of other better loyalist marine books, particularly space wolves. Just like their previous book, which had a strong build, until the meta shifted to mech and the lash just stopped mattering, leaving the army without its only unique & effective gimmick.

    So in general-

    Recommended: Necrons, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Dark Angels

    Not Recommended: Tau, (regular) Eldar, Daemons of Chaos, Chaos Space Marines. Sisters, Templar [edit: also Tyranids]

    Other options are all of the 'take it or leave it' variety. Dark Eldar have a new book and a great model range, but aren't especially competitive in 6th edition. Tyranids were really awkward and painful in 5th, and honestly still suffer from poor internal balance and need a new book, but... you know what, no buts. They don't hurt as much in 6th as in 5th maybe, but I still wouldn't recommend starting them right now. Space Marines are ok, but kind of outshone by the other specific marine varieties. Blood Angels likewise are ok, though their gimicks aren't quite as strong as those of Dangels, Wolves, or Knights. Orks are functional, but not stand out, and 6th encourages them to play in ways that don't necessarily feel the most natural or intuitive. Etc.

    Basically, if you feel a strong attachment to the models or fluff of one of the leftover factions, then go for it, because there's no particular reason to hold off on them. If you feel a strong attachment to one of the 'not recommended' armies, don't necessarily play something else (starting one army when your heart's set on another is a sure fire way to blow half a grand and have nothing to show for it), but consider waiting another year or so to start 40k and seeing if the army you really wanted has been fixed up at all. If your heart's set on one of the recommended factions, then get to it, and if you really don't care, then just pick one of the recommended factions at random.

    Once you have your faction selected and are ready to start, buy the codex & start reading, and google search a dedicated faction forum and familiarize yourself with the general consensus on which units in that faction to start with or avoid. Then buy some models and start painting.
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