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    Shrine of Glory: WoC Tactica

    [Editors note: Hi, I will keep an up to date summary in the first few posts, with both unit and army specific tactics, but they will not pop up in an instance, instead they will grow as more and more tactics are found by the posters. I will start Today with a tiny summary, like a template, and let it grow, to become a bit like the "Tactica:Imperium"-Imperial Guard Tactics Handbook / Serge.]

    [Also, feel free to question anything and everything I write, let the debate help us find the answers, and if you have a short article on a certain unit/item/spell/tactic/mathhammering, feel free to PM me and I'll include it]

    Shrine of Glory:
    Warriors of Chaos Tactica.
    8th Edition WFB/ 8th Edition Woc Armybook.

    Army Wide:

    Marks of Chaos.
    With exception of the Nurlic mark, the marks are pretty much the same.
    Well, Except that they're a points per model upgrade now.
    This will make all the khornate players happy, since the Mark of Khorne got cheaper in small units. While Mark of Slaanesh is kind of the same price, but only for the smallest units.

    Eye of The Gods
    aka EOTG

    The EOTG now gives permanent cumulative stat-increases, to Almost all characters and champs.
    And it gives 'em it even if you defeat a champion in a challenge.
    The last part might seem good, but when you have a model that causes 3 or more st5 attacks, you don't want to waste it on a cheap T3 W1 champ when the unit is steadfast. Sure, A stat increase and overkill is good, but it doesn't nullify steadfast, and breaking the unit is more important. However, If steadfast isn't an issue, overkill and a stat increase is Awesome. Remember to check if your opponent has any champs at the start of the game, and act accordingly.

    With the EOTG, you can get you champs turned into spawns, which is fun, or DPs, which is funnier, unless it's your lords/heroes who do that. Yes, you get a DP, but, your opponent gets the VP from the character. (The newly created critter gives nothing for being killed however). All through Champions give also VP, they are to insignificant to count since the whole unit must be destroyed before any VP is awarded.

    Chaos Magic

    This edition, (at least for the slaaneshi and the nurglic lore), it's all about combos: Spell combos, Augments, Hexes. And some of them are pretty nasty.

    However, a general warning; Do not expect to cast all your spells, You won't have enough PD, and even if you do, your opponent will dispel most of your tactical spells.

    Lore Of Slaanesh

    This is our better lore, one full of finesse and malice, unfortunately, it requires skill, not only from the player, but also from our sorcerers. But our non-tzeentchian spellcasters have always been on par with those of other armies, which really annoying, since everything we have is above average (well, except non-artillery shooting).

    Lore attribute: Bliss in Torment
    It might look like an awesome offensive power that will turn your sorcerer into a mighty duellist, but it isn't. First; You'll rarely cause enough wounds to get an awesome benefit, secondly, even if you do, it lasts only 'til your next magic phase. And since there's only one spell that can cause damage in combat, you're stuck with a defensive skill, and not a good one. However, A DP might get some benefit from it if you go for the Choir-bomb.

    Signature: Lash of Slaanesh
    It's OK-ish, but I doubt you'd want to trade any spell for it.

    1 Acquiescence
    Godsend. It's simply godsend. Sure, it might seem like crap; ASL? We're mostly I5, we don't care about ASL! and: Random Movement? Big [profanity] Deal! But lo! It's actually awesome in disguise: 1: It has a low casting value. 2: It has a good range, and boosted, it hits from across the table. 3: Your opponent can't defend himself other than dispelling it. 4: ASL will benefit our juggers greatly, since they are I1 and there ARE I2 units (I.E:mournfangs) that might kill a couple juggs. And the best: 5: Who suffers from Random Movement the most? Move-or-fire Warmachines! That's Who suffers! Remember; Random Movement is compulsory movement.
    And a sorceress with a steed of slaanesh has M10 + Vanguard; There is no such thing as out of range.

    Also: This spell is priceless for an all-cav army, since it can pull units out of buildings. Remember that! You will need to know that.

    However, It's a High priority to dispel for anyone with important Warmachines.

    2 Pavane of Slaanesh
    Probably the weakest slaaneshi spell, but even it has it's use. And only one use that is: Killing Champions. You do not want to waste the combat potential of your champs on other champs, or have their champs hinder you from challenges! A hysterical Juggerchamp can at most cause 10 wounds against infantry. I bet you'd rather remove a rank or 2 of infantry than a single champ; Sure, overkill's good, but it doesn't nullify steadfast.

    3 Hysterical Frenzy
    Oh, Slaanesh! Throw it on a big unit of Juggerknights. Or Khornate warriors. It's that simple. A horde of 30 Khornate warriors with XHW will get 70 St4 WS5 I5 attacks. We need it. Grinding hordes have long been our weakness, this spell gives us the boost we needed. A unit of 6 juggerknigth lancers will get 33-48 st6 attacks (+stomps) (depending on formation and base-contact) with this spell. Do I need to explain how awesome that is?! Another fun thing is if your opponent has a single character and no champs in a unit, and you want him dead; Cast it on him and he can't refuse a challenge. NOTE: ItP no longer stops characters from declining challenges, however, it stops units from fleeing. Also, it allows you to frenzy-bait your opponents.

    4 Slicing Shards
    Stand alone? Slightly better than meh. D6 hits, 2d6 if your lucky. Good but not all that. If you cast phantasmagoria on same unit, then it's better. Add in treason of tzeentch, for more power. And Doom and Darkness if you want it to shine. The more spells you invest in the attack, the better it gets, but can you afford it, or rather, is it worth it? NO, No it isn't. However, Phantasmagoria + Slicing shards could easily destroy an unit of zombies or skeletons outside of their General-bubble with ease. (same goes for other low LD unit)

    5 Phantasmagoria
    Great in combo with slicing shards, other than that, and annoying units with stupidity, it's quite situational, only useful when you really need your opponent to fail that LD test, which isn't that usual. (With the other spells, there usually won't be anything left in combat to roll a break test without a -30 Ld modifier)

    6 Cacophonic Choir
    Same as acquiescence, except that it causes damage. And it's a hex, so you can still damage units in CC. But it's not that deadly, sure, with some luck it CAN destroy a unit of Mournfangs or Juggerknights or a steamtank, But most likely it WON'T. The boosted version is quite awesome, and with a sorceress (lady) on steed, you could, on turn one, move to the middle of your opponents deployment zone, and cast it on all units within 12", hurting them and giving them random movement, a so called Choir-bomb. Problem is, the boosted version has a sky high casting value, so it's one hell of a gamble to do that. A DP will love this spell, especially if he's in combat and manages to get the boosted one through, as it will work great with his lore Attribute.

    Lore of Nurgle
    The other of our better lores, this one is however more "straight forward".

    Lore attribute: Bloated with disease
    This one is marvellous with DPs. However, this one only adds to the casters stats, not the mounts, so a caster on a palanquin will only start benefit from the second T increase and third W increase.

    Signature: Stream of Corruption
    A Template at random distance. It depends on luck more than on positioning. Sure, a Flying DP can place one well, but it could easily overshoot. Still fun against hordes.

    1 Miasma of Pestilence
    Meh, unless you boost it, and you should boost it, since boosted, it's great. Kinda waste on juggerknights and such whom already hit on 3+ and wound on 2+, but on other units, it's awesome.

    2 Blades of Putrefaction
    Very fun with units who have lots of attacks and or poison. I.E: Lord with slime and +3attack sword. Might work well with ASF Hellstriders, whose mounts already have poison, or one of those hysterical xhw Khornate units. Kinda waste on Skullcruchers since their hits will most likely wound on 2+ anyway.

    3 Curse of the Leper
    This one's great. +d3T for you, or -d3T for your opponent. Quite straight forward on what it does. (T7 Skullcrushers Anyone?)

    4 Rancid Visitations
    A lot like Slicing Shards, but stronger, and against T. With Curse of The Leper, It's not improbable to get 5d6 hits, without, it's like 1½d6 hits. Good but not overkill.

    5 Fleshy Abundance
    Great for all your units, especially your trolls. A is quite straight forward in what it does.

    6 Plague Wind

    Lore of Tzeentch

    And I always tough Tzeentch would be the best one .
    The Tzeentchian lore makes you a magic-missile battery, but not a powerhouse.

    Lore Attribute: Boon of magic
    You get up to one dice back from every spell you cast, or 2+ for every you miscast. More of a consolation prize than a boon.

    Signature: Blue fire
    Straight forward damage spell, but with warpflame.

    1 Treason
    Fun if you want to annoy units with stupidity or undeath, otherwise, not the best LD-debuff spell out there.

    2 Pink fire
    Also a straight forward damage spell, also with warpflame.

    3 Bolt of Change
    Yet an other straight forward damage spell, Again with warpflame.

    4 Glean magic
    Probably the pearl of the lore. You might get some awesome spells (I:E: Time Warp or the lore of life healing spell), but the best part is, you could get a damaging spell without Warpflame.

    5 Firestorm
    Do you like Straight forward damage spells, well this lore would be for you if it weren't for the warflame.

    6 Infernal gateway
    Hopefully, people are still afraid of it. Scaring people is half its use. The other use is a straight forward damage spell, but with warpflame, unless you roll good and destroy the entire unit, in which case you won't need to bother about warpflame.

    Note on Warpflame
    Warpflame is not flaming. Thus it's a gamble, it either cause a few wounds, or it gives regen, and the gain of having a regen is well worth the risk of suffering a couple of wounds. Warpflame is bad, and/but it makes you forced to destroy the targeted unit in a single go to not risk giving them a regen.

    Lore of Fire
    Available on unmarked spellcasters.
    Pretty much direct damage.

    Lore Attribute: Kindleflame
    Good if you're trying to kill of a single unit with multiple spells, otherwise it's kinda wasted.

    Signature spell: Fireball
    The signature magic missile

    Doesn't seem like much, but with its low casting value, it can be quite a good mage-hunter deterrent, maybe even giving a boost to horde-grinding.

    2: Flaming Sword of Rhuin
    Awesome on hellstriders, more so on that khornate horde with 70 attacks.

    3: Burning Head
    Weakish (st4) direct damage spell with possibility for panic. Good in combo with Ld-Debuff spells, but otherwise, not all that.

    4: Piercing Bolts
    Or, How to annoy ranked units. Ordinary damage spell, but boosted fireball will cause more damage for the same casting value against most units.

    5: Flame Cage
    Initially, the d6 st4 hits are not so damaging. It can make units not move, which is good, but it can make 1 st4 hit/model, which is fabulous against hordes, If they move. If. Cast Acquiescence on the same unit and they'll have to move. Good anti-horde combo that. (C'mon, you'd love to cause 50 hits on a horde).

    6: Flame Storm
    A template. As straight forward as it could be.

    Lore of Metal
    An alternative to Lore of tzeentch, and this lore has those flaming spells to mop up this little 6+ saves warpflame left here and there.

    Attribute: Metalshifting
    Well, not much of an attribute as a way to actually damaging you opponents.

    Signature: Searing Doom
    Magic missile, obviously good against armoured units

    1: Plague of Rust
    Lover your opponents armour, quite Ok, but cast this AFTER casting damaging lore of metal spells.

    2: Enchanted Blades
    Obviously great for everything with lots of attacks, I.E: Khornate 70 attack horde or big units of juggerknights. No, seriously, great spell.

    3: Glittering Robe
    Great for warriors without shields, for hellstriders and, well, everything but knights and juggerknights.

    4: Golden Hounds

    Sniper spell, not the greatest, but can do.

    5: Transmutation of Lead

    We're great in cc anyway, so thisone's best against things that shoot a lot, like leadbelchers or huge units of handgunners.

    6: Final transmutation
    Not so killy for a killy spell. Can do, but you could find better spells.

    Lore of Death
    Up to compete against lore of nurgle.
    Greater in combo with other spellcasters, and fantastic for, not only character sniping, but also monsterhunting.

    Attribute: Life Leaching
    This is a good one if you have multiple wizards. With some spells in this lore, your spellcasting can basically be free.

    Signature Spell: Spirit leach
    Good sniping spell, great against monsters. Shame we have such a low Ld.

    1: Aspect of the Dreadknight

    As if we do not have fear in abundance already

    2: Caress
    Magehunting anyone?

    3: Soulblight
    Great in combo with Caress, Curse of the Leper and Rancid Visitations. Good spell all in all.

    4: Doom and Darkness
    The legendary, original, Ld-debuff number 1. There are lots of things to do with it; Terror, panic, Hellcannons, slicing shards, anything, everything!

    5: Bjuna
    When combined with Curse of the Leper or Soulblight, it's probably one of the greatest monster-slaying spell out there. You got a Bloodthirster? Not any more. Standalone, quite Ok. At least against characters. especially elf characters.

    6: Purple Sun
    Bet you've already heard about it.

    Lore of Shadows
    A mighty lore, only drawback is that it has to compete with lore of slaanesh.
    The question is; Do you like weakening your opponents stats, or do you like messing with your opponents movement/battleline?

    Attribute: Smoke and Mirrors

    Quite Ok, especially if you like chariots. Or have a good bait and switch tactic.

    Signature Spell: Mystifying Miasma.
    The must have spell for a destructive Lore of shadow caster.

    1: Steed of Shadows
    Fantastic if you want to move your gorebeast or warshrine into the combat zone, and thus enabling a second turn charge from your gorebeast.

    2: Enfeebeling
    Good if you want to grind something, or charge a high st unit.

    3: Withering
    Alot like Curse of the leper, look it up.

    4: Penumbral Pendulum
    Good spell, if you cast Mystifying Miasma first.

    5: Pit of Shades
    The old classic; Cast Mystifying Miasma and let your opponents disappear. Great against MI.

    6: Mindrazor
    70 st 8 attacks? Yes please. It's a great buff, especially for xhw-units. High casting value, but still.
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