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Let's try and summarize what we know so far:

HQ -
Fireblade (60 points), Ethereal (50 points) and Commander. The first two are infantry, the last is in a crisis suit. No rules or wargear is known for the Commander, the Ethereal and Fireblade give buffs that mostly assist the Fire Warriors. Both Fireblade and Commander are BS5, the latter has current Shas'o stats. Fireblade LD9.

Elites -
Crisis 22 pts per suit, same stats as old. +10 points for Shas'vre, LD9. No known cost of wargear etc. 1-3 suits.
Stealth suits 30 pts per suit, 1 in 3 may exchange for fusion blaster. +10 points for Shas'vre, LD9. 3-6 suits.
Riptide 180 points. BS3 S6 T6 W5 LD9 2+/5++/feel no pain. Comes with a Heavy Burst Cannon and TL-SMS, can exchange the first for an Ion Accelarator for +5 points. The SMS can be exchanged for twin-plasma or fusion, for free. Can overcharge nova reactor, works on 3+ (if you fail, you take a wound). 4 effects: 3+ invulnerable, move 4D6 in assault phase, fire secondary weapon system twice, fire primary weapon system with nova profile. Can take up to two artillery shield drones which sport MP and 4+/4++ @ T6 (+25 points for each). 1 suit.

Troops -
FireWarriors 9 pts per model, same stats as old but with grenades. Can exchange for Carbines for free (as many as you want). +10 points for Shas'ui. 6-12 models.
Kroot 6 pts per model. Can take 3 krootox (+25 each) and 10 hounds (+5 each). Reduced to S3, otherwise same as before. Can buy "precision ammunition", making them snipers for +1 pt per model. 10-20 models.
Devilfish: same as before. +10 points for making Drones into SMS, +8 points per seeker (can have 2).

Fast Attack -
Bomber 160 points. Missile Pod, 2 seeker missiles, markerlight (though not the usual one, as far as I can tell. Might be an array?). Can TL the MP for +5 points. 2 Drones, both of which have twin-linked Ion Rifles. Lots of S7 fire, in other words. BS3 - 11/10/10. 1 model.
Fighter 145 points. Quad-ion turret, burst cannon, 2 seeker missiles. Can swap burst cannon for missile pod (+5 points). BS3 11/10/10. 1 model.
I can't see anything with regards to Pathfinder's unit entry. Did I miss something?

Heavy support -
Broadsides 65 points. Same stats as before, they come with TL heavy rail rifles and TL SMS out of the box. +10 points for Shas'vre (LD9). May swap TL heavy rail rifles for TL High Yield Missile Pods for free. May swap TL SMS for TL Plasma, +5 points per model. 1-3 models.
Hammerhead 125 points. BS4, 13/12/10. Comes with Railgun and 2 drones out of the box. Can upgrade railgun to have submunition charges (+5 points) and swap drones for either TL BC or TL SMS, both for free. This makes no sense to me as TL SMS is always better, but whatever. May swap railgun for ion cannon, may take up to two seeker missiles for +8 points each. 1 model.
Skyray 125 points. BS4, 13/12/10. 6 Seeker Missiles and 2 Networked Markerlights as well as 2 drones. May swap drones same as Hammerhead. 1 model.
Sniper Drones 13 points per controller, 15 points per drone. Controllers have markerlights and BS5, Drones have Long-ranged Pulse rifles. Stealth. Drones are T4, otherwise same stats as other drones. Entire unit is LD7. 1-3 controllers, 3-9 Drones.

Misc -
Iridium suit (XV8-02) gives +1T and 2+ AS.
There's some kind of special weapon/equipment which lets you trade all attacks in combat for one @S10, AP1. I suppose it's for commanders, though it makes very little sense to me.
Seeker Missiles may now be fired at the vehicle's base BS.
Entire army has supporting fire, i.e. they may aid an assaulted unit with overwatch.
We get 6 Warlord traits:
1. No LoS! against warlord's shooting
2. One use only, declare at start of turn. Warlord and friendly units within 12" may re-roll to hit rolls of 1 when shooting.
3. 3D6 Thruster move.
4. One use only. All friendly units can move, shoot and charge even if they have gone to ground.
5. One use only. Warlord + unit gains Skyfire.
6. Warlord and unit can make a perfect deep strike without error.
Shas'els have gone - all Tau commanders are just commanders, with a Shas'O stat
Targetting array has apparently gone for both vehicles and suits (Skyrays and Hammerheads have one built in)
Seeker missiles can fire using the firers BS, or BS5 if launched via a marker (and regardless of whether the unit with the seeker could fire it - running broadsides, fast moving tanks etc)
Drone controllers aren't required to have drones, but intead let them use your BS rather than their own
I've taken away the translated weapon stats as that might be getting a little close to copyright infringement for a round up on warseer:
Carbines and SMS get an additional shot, SMS gains 6" more range
Rail and Ion rifles get rapid fire
Fusion and Neutron blasters get 18"

Tau are going to be released in April with the following kits, information is mostly compiled from Kirby on 3++, Nafka on Faeit212 and Neko and the Dude here on warseer, please note that I've paraphrased a lot to get it to fit this format rather than a comment or blog post, so any errors here could be mine:

The new cover is of a Crisis suit. The suit is posed with one leg on a boulder, whilst shooting a target to the suit's right with a fusion blaster

New Battleforce - £80
3 Crisis suits, 12 Firewarriors, Piranha, 3 Stealthsuits with marker drones, 8 gun drones

XV104 Riptide battlesuit - £50/US$85
Plastic kit sculpted by Matt Holland, Dale Stringer and Tom Walten

Elite choice
Monstrous creature with T6 W4 2+ save, 5+ invulnerable save and a jump/jetpack of some kind
Primary Weapon options are upgraded versions of the Ion cannon and burst cannon, Railcannon may also be an option
It also mounts "Crisis level" weapons (missiles/SMS and plasma rifles in pictures) on it's shoulders and underslung beneath the primary weapon
Comes with two shielded missile drones (a new type)
Equipped with a Nova reactor, which it can activate to boost weapon power (changing the Ion cannon from S7 AP 2 3shots to a large blast, possibly at S8 AP2), increase it's invulnerable save to 3++ or to do other things (increase stats and maybe required in order to jump).
Can buy an option granting Skyfire
Is poseable enough that weapon arms can be switched around and can be assembled in a kneeling position, similar to that of the Firewarriors
Around 7-8" tall, comes with multiple 'FW style' heads that look compatible with current crisis suits
Activating the Riptide's Nova Engine is risky. It only works on a 3+. If it fails to activate (roll of 1-2) the Riptide suffers a wound.- The Dude on warseer
The weapon buff result for the Nova Engine supposedly buffs the large blast of the Ion Accelerator to S9 AP1 - The Dude on warseer
Activating the reactor might grant a roll on a table rather than a choice of effect - 1&2 being suffer a wound, the remaining 4 granting an effect like boosting the ionweapon or shield - the Dude on Warseer

Sunshark Bomber/Razorshark fighter - £40/US$65
Plastic kit sculpted by Colin Grayson

Fast Attack choices
Fighter/gunship is armed with nose mounted burstcannons, and an array of ion weapons mounted in a turret underneath the fuselage. It also has two "pop up" seeker missiles.
Gunship's main weapon is quad ion weapon, and may also be able to overload for multiple S8 blasts - Nekomata on ATT

Bomber is armed with a plasma generator which it uses to launch balls of plasma instead of having conventional bombs and a bomb bay.
Bomber also has two drone fighters, armed with railrifles, that can be launched to defend its