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Thread: The Shadows of Albion: Warriors of Chaos

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    The Shadows of Albion: Warriors of Chaos

    The Shadows of Albion
    Warriors of Chaos

    This log began almost exactly a year ago 15/02/2013. In that time I've upped my painting and converting game significantly and have started to even improve at playing WHFB. I'm editing the first post now (12/02/2014) to add an index of the project so far. Hopefully this will help readers, old and new, to find things that may have been of interest.


    p1 The Shadows of Albion, initial ideas, kitbashing, Skullcrushers and Marauders
    p2 Painted Marauders, Truthsayer and skin wolves
    p3 more Marauders, wolves and Path to Glory!
    p4 Plastic skin wolf conversions, Disc Truthsayer painted
    p5 Half Ogre conversion (my Avatar), skullcrushers unit 1, painted Daemon Prince 'The Shadowlord' and FW spawn
    p6 Chaos Ogres and Gorebeast chariot conversions
    p7 Croydon Carnage BEST PAINTED ARMY! New pics and battle reps
    p8 Centaurs, Skullcrushers, Knight concepts and daemonic mount BSB wip
    p9 Battle rep vs. salarath's ogres, mounted BSB final build, Skullcrushers unit 2 (and fixes), combat disc lord build, Maruder horsemen banner, bitz box chariot build
    p10 Highway to the Dangerzone #2; speed painting session, Chaos Lord, Daemonic Mount BSB, final marauder horseman, second core chariot, Ill Blood tournament report
    p11 SCGT 2014, Chimera/Dragon, Centaur Knights, End Times, BIG House Championships, Legion Building/Khorne Mino BSB
    p12 Hellcannon, Ill Blood 3

    I hope that is helpful. Please see below for the original post:

    Part one; Emerging from the mists.

    The drums of the dark master are beating once again. The shadowlord's minions stalk the night. Those men foolish enough not to run, the brave men, we used to say, those men are dead. Or worse; joined, with them.

    There are those that say the dark master is generous to those that take the knee...

    We lost contact with our outposts to the north two weeks ago. When the mists clear we can see their camp fires. So many of them. In the open. Brazen, fearless, getting ever closer.

    The dampness of this island has sat heavy upon my chest. The rot that colours my spittle is killing me. Slowly, agonisingly. I just wish it would hasten. Quicken me unto release.

    I am lost.

    We are all lost.

    The baying of the dogs has lessened. Our domestic and hunting animals are cowed, resigned.

    The howling of wolves pierces the night.

    I hope this reaches you in time. Raise the banners- they are coming...

    Although my utterance shames me, I hope to be overcome by this sickness before the campfires become siege fires. It will be brief. But we will suffer.


    Thus begins my new WHFB army. Warriors of Chaos. Bit of a band wagon jump. But it's also a return to the system for me. Having not played since early 7th ed.

    I had a chaos army years ago but sold it at some point. I forget why.

    Now there are many shiney things to buy, a new codex and lots of modelling opportunities.

    Credit to Malenky-Malchik for the marauder conversion idea. I've been waiting to mimic it for years now.

    This force is going to represent the forces of Belakor, the Dark Master from the old Dark Shadows campaign. Those of you familiar with my Mordheim work will be familiar with my love for The Albion lore, particularly the Fimir. Although at this stage I have no plans to include them here...

    I have an interesting plan for my warriors which requires a test paint job, some conversion work and some background... More on that soon.

    As a hint my skullcrushers are going to be mounted on thunder wolves and I'm using fenrisian wolves as chaos hounds.

    Initially I shall be collecting 1000points. Rising to 2000pts as part of an escalation league at GW Angel that kicks of in April. So I'm giving myself a bit ofa head start. Basing will be cork board and snow effects. Going for a v dark and gloomy paint scheme with albino skin, black wolves and some Celtic designs where I have the patience for it. I may use the Truthsayer or elements of its design to create my sorcerer and I shall be using FWs skin wolves as chaos trolls.

    More soon I hope. If you drop in don't forget to say hi!


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