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    Mixed Daemons 3k

    Been racking my brain trying to think of a decent army that fits with the limitations i place on my Daemonic Legion (limit 1 of each unit type). Finding things a bit of a struggle though, there just seems to be so few cost effective options outside Nurgle units. Am i underestimating the other gods or am i right in thinking there lacklustre now?

    No more than 1 of each unit type

    Daemon Prince
    w/Mark of Nurgle, Lv4 (Nurgle/Death), Wings, Exalted Gift

    Lord choice, can't see me taking anything other than The Eternal Blade but can't decide between lore of Nurgle or lore of Death, Nurgle has some nasty buffs and debuffs but Death has the character sniping and leadership bombing that probably works well with the likes of The Masque and Burning Chariot.

    The Masque

    Not as good as she was but the ability to lower an opponents strength for a round could be very useful.

    Daemonettes (24)

    No idea what to do with this lot. My Daemonettes usually die in droves. Oh for the days when they were WS6 S4 A3

    Plaguebearers (24)

    The most resilient block i've got at my disposal.

    Bloodletters (24)

    The drop in strength hit this lot hard but i need more blocks.

    Fiends (3)

    Chaff hunting/flankers.

    Beasts (3)

    Used to hold up the enemy while i get things into position, can assist with a hefty number of attacks too.

    Bloodcrushers (3)
    w/Banner of Eternal Flame

    Gonna need something to hit hard and there about the best option i have without Plague Drones. The flame banner will only effect the Juggernaughts though.

    Flesh Hounds (6)

    Come on from a board edge and get set about war machines or set up rear/flank charges.

    w/Mark of Nurgle, Daemonbone Claw, Baleful Torrent

    Stomp around burning stuff and being a nuisance in combat.


    Target opponents war machines/monsters and assist in combat when necessary.

    Blazing Chariot
    w/Blue Horrors

    Fly around burning stuff and lowering opponents leadership at the right moments.

    Total - 3k

    Any and all input would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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