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A very nice looking gaming table!
Based minis . Great looking army shot, love those. 12 is almost nothing ...
Thank you, sadly it's not my table , but it belongs to a very good friend and I will let him know.
Yeah, those 12 was done a couple of weeks ago by now, but its always those small last details that really takes a bit of time.

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Really nice log!
Thank you very much.

So by now, the small tournament that me and a friend (the owner of the gaming table mentioned above) arranges for our old gaming-group that we all belonged to 20-15 years ago in our university days is just a couple of weeks away.

And since I decided already last year that I would field my chaos dwarfs this year I had some painting to do, even though I had a few painted (about 30-40%) I'm not the best when it comes down to these kind of deadlines, I have a severe case of new shiny model syndrome.

Never the less, now I more or less consider this 1500 points 5th edition chaos dwarf army more or less done, just a single momenttray left to do. And some spellcards, but these are not really necessary, just that they are really handy, and takes away a lot of flicking in the big red book. Possibly a couple of pendants for the sorcerer as well, but I'm still a bit undecided about this.

So lets start of with the main core units, the chaos dwarfs themselves.
I have 2 smallish units of regular chaos dwarf warriors, on 16 strong and one 12 strong. I pretty much know that I probably would have more success if I clump them together to one unit, but...I don't really like that, or I don't like to play it like that rather, I'm not a big “deathstar” fan.
And here they are

Unit “A”
All metal minis

Unit “B”
Made of the only plastic set of chaos dwarfs that was produced

And then on the two other units, possibly the mot iconic chaos dwarfs, the blunderbuses (only the bullcentaurs might challenge them in this). Had a testgame a week ago and the amount of damage these can do at bigger units was truly impressive, but also totally rubbish at small units since they work more or less like a template and hits “affected” models in 4+.