And now on to the rest of the army.

I would almost go far enough to claim that the black orcs are a natural choice in any chaos dwarf army, since they was created/breed by the chaos dwarfs to make better and stronger slaves. Worked out so and so from the dwarfs perspective....

I have a unit of 12, (10 really, but I have put an ogre in there as well, counting him as two orcs), just armed with choppas, so they are nothing special really, but people tend to fear them and put a lot of effort into destroying them, which must be the best kind of use a chaos dwarf can get from some unruly slaves, right?

And on the subject of greenskins, my unit of hobgoblins. Just plain simple hobgoblins on wolves armed with spears, pretty rubbish, but the only thing in the army with any kind of speed, and sometimes useful to send speeding around on a flank.

And since this are a chaos dwarf army, there must be some artillery right?
Well but of course, I have no less than three warmachines, so there are quite a few rolls on the misfirecharts .

First out are my pair of deathrockets.

And the star of the show, the infamous earthshaker cannon, complete with loader ogre (I made him so that I can use this model as a dreadquake mortar in 8th ed.). This one can really cripple the advance of an infantrybased army, making them just as slow as my own force .

And there we have them, the units of my army. Top it off with these three (gentle)men and we have 1500 points.
One hero, acting as general, one hero with the armys battlestandard and a level 2 sorcerer.

So from now on I will say that I have made it in good time, now on to some other odd bits that needs to be done just to get the “tournament” to run smoothly, but that's more icing on the cake.