This last weekend was spent playing a lot of games, Bolt Action, Konflikt 47, Test of Honour and last but not least WHFB 6th ed.

I was fielding my Nurgle devoted horde of chaos force, mainly consisting of a unit of chosen warriors, marauders and plaugebearers and a chariot and some characters to get 1500 pts.
My opposition was 1500 pts of lizardmen, mainly skinks.

And it ended up being the least enjoyable game I have ever played. I dont think I ever even contemplating just quit a game before but this time I really felt like doing just that, and I have been playing since the early 90s. Not on the account of my opponent, he is a really good friend and a great opponent but this was such a horrible miss-match that it was just plain painful. So in the end march-blocked, avoided and shoot to pieces for 6 turns, so I managed to keep the urge to just give up under control. Even managed to keep a straight face according to my opponent.

My battleline

But there was some decent warhammer related things happening during the weekend as well, as finding an old box of goblin wolfriders and an wolfrider hero blister at my friends local gamestore so now I'm turning a bit of attention back towards my Ravening hordes Chaos dwarfs for 6th ed.