I have been quiet all too long it seems. The summer months have been hectic “in the real” world to say the least.
And the fact that I am a bit of a hobby butterfly doesn't help, since I both jump in and out of gaming projects (SPQR the most recent addition to my ever growing pile of projects) as well as my keeping of reptiles, which after a few years of dormancy have sprung back up and diverted my attention away from painting.

But I haven't been totally absent, and this last week-end I organized our annual WHFB 6th ed. get together, which this year totalled up to 11 players, all having a good time and keeping whfb alive and fairly healthy.

So for this event I painted up 1500 points of beastmen, but haven't really gotten around to take any pictures of them yet, other than what been seen in earlier post in this tread.

And for next years event I'm still a bit undecided, but I might go for 2 forces, one for myself and one in reserve if there is someone who no longer have any models but still might be coaxed into playing, as we managed to do this year, when my beast ended up being fielded by a friend who no longer plays or have any minis, but who came by to say hi. That hi became 3 full games of warhammer.

So I'm pretty much jumping in and out of these two forces at the moment, dwarfs an woodelves.

My thane, which in 6th ed can't be fielded with his shieldbearers, but I will simply ignore that fact and use him anyway, as thane + 1 warrior.

And this is a test of how my elven archers are going to look. Not really the most fantastic sculpts, but to me there is a bit of nostalgia in there, so they will be the ones I will use. I might regret this decision later since I have 20 more to paint.

This is something I wasn't really planing to use, but these minis are just fantastic, and a joy to paint so when I got a few of them of a swedish version of ebay I couldn't help myself , just as I just “had” to get the 5th ed Orion as well.

And talking of nice sculpts, I must admit that GW's later models are nice, generally better than back in the day, even though not as “flavourful” as they use to be. But as I said, really neat minis so they will play the part as wildriders to accompany Orion in this wild rampages.