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Thread: Building a Waaagh!, one greenskin at a time...

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    Building a Waaagh!, one greenskin at a time...

    Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting, I'll put the kettle on.

    After lurking around these project boards for a while, I've been inspired to start my own - a 10,000pt Orc & Goblin Waaagh!

    (10,000 points... that was a bold statement. I'll never live up to it. But there's only one way to eat a Colossal Squig: one bite at a time.)

    I originally began with around 3,000pts of painted Orcs & Goblins of various types – the paint jobs date back from the start of my hobby (lots of green bases and bright colours), so I’ll be repainting them as I go along, adding to it with the occasional purchase and rummaging through a considerable leadpile.

    I’ll *probably* be going through this tribe by tribe (Savage Orcs, Night Goblins etc), but who knows where my attention will wander?
    Progress will be slow, as real life has a bad habit of interrupting hobby time, but I’ll record what I’ve done as I go along, and we’ll get there one day!

    Current Waaagh! Total: 5,273 points

    Completed tribes
    Savage Orc Army

    And off I go! One greenskin at a time...
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