Cheers guys, another belated update this latest was from a model completed in March 2015! Maybe one day I'll find time to catch up with everything. So I give you my Malanthrope

Obviously this go is fast becoming an 'auto-include' for most nid players, despite the fact I think he took quite a few hits in his 8th incarnation. In fairness his 7th rules went on and on and on, and he's probably far more balanced now but he's definitely not quite as good.

Still he's a really impressive looking model, I recall my local GW Store Manager didn't even know what it was when I used it in my Armies on Parade display that year - they thought it was a conversion! Most of the current conversions look pretty awesome though, using Tyrant tails and Carnifex bodies etc. In the mean time I'm particularly proud of it's toxic trail of death and slime it left behind.

If you wish to see more pics point your cogitators here: