Hey, so this is my first list with the new High Elves. Theres really nothing fancy here, just a solid battle line with good magic, shooting, and combat.

I was thinking about putting Caradryan with his Frost Phoenix in the list but he's as expensive as a unit of Sword Masters, so...I thought another big block of troops would be a better idea.

The everqueen goes into the unit of Swordmasters giving them a 5++ against non-magical attacks that can be boosted to 3++ with high magic's shield of saphery, as I think I will be taking High magic on her predominately due to amazing spells like drain magic and walk between worlds. I took the Banner of the world dragon on them too so they pretty much always have a ward save.

Phoenix Guard speak for themselves.

The Sea Guard are mid range support unit and can pick off enemy re-directors and annoying chaff, This gives me mid table control over the battle.

2 Bolt Throwers offer long range shooting support especially with the proliferation of Monstrous Cavalry in the game now. I wanted 3 but I decided to go for the 2 Eagles as I find their re-directing abilities outrageous.

The 6 Dragon Princes are there to offer some monster hunting ability with the flame banner or flank charges.

The Shadow Mage hopefully rolls withering or enfeebling foe to help support my shooting and combat. He also offers some protection with his dispel scroll.

High Elves: 2500 pts


Alarielle the Everqueen: (Goes with Swordmasters)


Noble: (Goes with Phoenix Guard)
Options: Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon
Magic Items: Armour of Caledor

Mage: (Goes with Sea Guard)
Options: Level 2
Magic Items: Dispel Scroll
Lore: Shadow


34 Sea Guard:
Options: Full Command, Shields

5 Ellyrian Reavers:
Options: Long bows, Spears, Musician

5 Ellyrian Reavers:
Options: Long bows, Spears, Musician


27 Sword Masters:
Options: Full Command
Banner: Banner of the World Dragon

20 Phoenix Guard:
Options: Full Command
Banner: N/A

6 Dragon Princes:
Options: Standard
Banner: Banner of Eternal Flame


Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower

Great Eagle

Great Eagle