I have two 12" by 12 " boards to work for two terrain ideas.

Terrain idea 1: Fueal/ammo dump

I have an absurd amount of fuel barrels so it would be fitting to place them in a fuel dump terrain piece. I figure I can alternate most of them green for fuel and few red/orange for flame fuel as I have a good number of flame canisters to add to the mix. I was thinking a sort of drive through service look so it has two entrances while the rest is protected by barricades and barb wire. A vehicle could get fuel or flame fuel form each side. I have a few weapons crates, but I think they can be used elsewhere.

Terrain idea 2: Previous Space Marine vehicle repair

First I have to ask if Space Marines fix their vehicles in the field, such as a LR? Suppose a LR had all of its main weapons damaged and they had to be replaced, would they if having the time tear off the bad weapons and change them out with new weapons? Or would they bring the LR off world or off front lines? If they could fix them, can they even do such things and hull repair?

Terrain idea is mostly just earth with a line of LR tracks imprinted across or through it. In the middle are parts from a LR which have been removed and disposed of and left to rot. The question of would they still keep broken or scorched weapons for even the most minimal salvageable part.

Do I have some good ideas or is there something I am missing or a way to better it?