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A question regarding panic tests in the movement phase:

In the Rally Fleeing Troops sub-phase, Unit A fails to rally. In the immediately following Compulsory Moves sub-phase, Unit A (US 5+) then flees towards the nearest table edge, passing through Unit B. According to the Turn Sequence, Unit B needs to roll for panic (and possibly flee) during the Resolve Panic Tests sub-phase at the end of the Movement Phase. Can Unit B move during the Remaining Moves sub-phase before the required panic test?
Thanks for pointing this out!

If broken friendly unit A (US5+) moves through unit B, unit B has to immediately roll for panic and, if failed, has to immediately flee. Thus, if unit B becomes broken it wont be able to move in the compulsory moves phase.

The point 7. in the "Movement Phase Sequence" summary is basically only used for special abilities that cause casualties during the movement phase, e.g. "Soulstriders" in the Vampire Counts army.

I will clarify this in the next update.