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Hey, Seelenhaendler,

Any news on a version 1.05?
Hi VLadimyr,

the LRB is still alive, i.e. development continues to improve the game.

The annual update (version 1.05) is slated for release in June/July 2018.
I am constantly collecting feedback, suggestions and ideas.
I will start to revise the LRB in April. So if you have any topics that should be considered, best let me know beforehand!

Presently, there are mainly clarifications and small point adjustments planed.
If everything goes according to plan, the following things will be added:
- army list for Dogs of War and Araby (which are currently being tested)
- a few new units for some armies (like knights on foot for Bretonia)
- an appendix with revised diagrams to complement the rules and to clarify how specific situations should be handled