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Thread: Modular Gaming Board Construction Log - Sci-Fi Industrial Necromunda - Inc. Timelapse

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    Modular Gaming Board Construction Log - Sci-Fi Industrial Necromunda - Inc. Timelapse

    Hello again everyone,

    So I normally post all of my modelling stuff in my All-in-wonder log thread but my new project is so big that I felt it deserved it's own.

    For the last few weeks I have been constructing a modular sci-fi industrial gaming board and recording a timelapse video as I go. I have uploaded the video to youtube and you can see it here:

    Make sure to watch it in 1080p fullscreen for the best effect and to see all of the steps and details. I plan to create three of these, one showing the basic construction of the table, one for the detailing and a final one for the painting. The videos may be some time apart as I don't get a lot of time to work on the board each week but they will come eventually!

    Also in case you don't want to watch the video here are some work in progress shots of the board:

    Finally if you are interested in the steps I took so far and the materials I used I have a quick run down below:

    1) Packed out the basic shape I wanted out of various junk I found around the house.
    2) Cover said junk with expanding foam and spray with water (it helps the foam expand and set)
    3) When dry cut the foam to the required shape
    4) Cover areas you plan to be textured with sand with filler
    5) When filler has dried sand it down
    6) Glue bulkheads around the outside of the channel

    I will update this thread as I finish more on the board even if I haven't yet finished enough for another video. If you have any questions or comments as always I would love to hear them!

    Oh and just because I can, I am going to plug our podcast. If you like specialist games, other war games and board games then check us out:
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