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    Cult of Golden Tears

    An escalation league has kicked off which Slaanesh and I are tackling hand-in-claw. I'm not competitive or anything but I want this event to be the motivator to build and paint and entire army. *I'm one of those guys who starts and never finishes a project...there are a few of us out there

    The force I am going to bring to bear will consist of Chaos Marines and Daemons, namely Noise Marines and Daemonettes with some back up. This will be an Emperor's Children war-host roaming the galaxy and putting "laughter" into Slaughter.

    What I am hoping to go for in terms of looks comes from this piece of art. What we have is a 'fading/blemished" purple, a lot of black, and some gold. I want this faded purple to look sickly compared to the rich purple the Emperor's Children once had. This reflects something along the lines that they are dead inside (not the Nurgle-y kind), so numb from their new lifestyle of decadence.

    This is the start of my painting attempts:

    This is the purple I am going for...minus the highlight. I am also thinking blue eyes will look good on these marines instead of green.

    I am also hoping to add something along the lines of Slaaneshi and Dark Eldar/Elves to give them a more alien appearance. This is a minor conversion but one that I like very much:

    A nice blade gifted by a Daemon of Slaanesh to a Palatine Blade? Maybe?

    Last but not least, meet Posidious the Blase:

    This is my Huron Bladkheart count-as. I'm happy with the guy except the smoke stacks on the back back. I glued them to the back pack and let it dry before I tried to GS it together (to make it look like the armor was growing over the base of them) and I think the glue softened the hell out of the resin. I don't know but the resin broke as I started to put on the GS. It was weird.

    I have a champ to build and the first 500pts to I need to get busy on that! Thanks for taking a look!

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