So after a blitz of assembling in order to get ready for a game last night, I am up to 1850+ assembled. Here is a look at the army, and a work in progress of my Baron Sathonyx conversion.

I am notoriously bad for keeping these plogs updated, and I tend to paint slowly, so please don't get your hopes up. I will do my best though.

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You may notice that the army is in various stages of paint, primer, etc. I traded to get this army, so the majority of the painting was done by my friend, who had the army first. I have done up a test model, which I will post pictures of soon. Then you can see what colour scheme I will be using.

For the Baron, I plan to add bones to the inside of the cloak, and cut off the top of the cloak, and sculpt some fur on there, similar to the look of the Archon.
Bitz used are: 1 complete hellion, rudder pieces from a raider - cut to fit, dark elf cold one knight head, pistol arm from wyches (I think), cloak from high elf mage from starter set.

Feel free to ask questions, or give me suggestions. I can post the army list if anyone wants...?

The game yesterday was against an all foot Eldar list. I did fairly well, although sadly the Baron and his unit of 14 hellions were pinned turn 1, and wiped out turn 2. This is only my 2nd game of 40k since probably 4th edition, so I'm still learning. After that bad first turn, I managed to dominate most of the game, and it was a draw in the end. I was playing the former owner of the army too, haha.

Anyway, hope you like my stuff, and I'll try to update with some painted stuff soon.