So it happened again, another project restarted, Adeptus Mechanicus. unfortunately my thread that had been running for over 7 years has been locked for some reason, so I thought I'd start again.

This time I blame Matt/Rictus from for causing my A.D.D, he has secured for me some of the new Ad Mech Thallanx models, and kickstarted my brain into thinking all things red and mechanical.

Also I have to thank The Damned Artificer/Steffan. He has to many cool threads on Warseer so I'm sure you all know who he is. I asked him for some help, and he furnished me with an amazing new water mark, something I could not have developed myself. Unfortunately it has become necessary to water mark my pics because they were used without my permission or credit by another blog, which I won't mention because he doesn't deserve more traffic.

Enough house keeping on to the pics:

Re-tasked assembly line servitor and Ad Mech menial

The basis for all these conversions are the cultists from the "new" Dark Vengeance set. I bought a set just because on release, and have since bought another set of just the cultists from Matt. This means I have 40 bodies to turn in Cultists of the Ommnisah.

"Clamps" and Ad Mech Menial #2

The idea behind these models is that they are the workers of the Mechanicum, pressed into service as my tyranid hive fleet invades the forge world and the whole planet is militarised to repel the invaders. As such, they will be heavily converted, and based to fit the tyranids too. The sparse foilage and the toxic looking sand I think fits the fluff, as the tyranids try to take over the ecosystem and push the biology to its maximum, but the poisons and polution mean that there is very little to actually grow.

Welder turned flamer guy, and re-tasked servitor #2

I have also bought several sets of the old OOP FW spore chimneys to populate the eventual table with, and COD buildings and tanks to ruin as well.

Welder turned flamer guy #2, and another menial

Eventually I will produce more Praetorians, Skitarri vehicles and tech adepts to fill out the list, but ATM this is simply a modelling exercise that's gotten out of hand in my mind.

Menial #5, and the Tech Adept SGT

I have made a promise to myself that I will make a minimum of 2 troops choices before I start on the "cool" stuff, but we all know how long that will probably last once the Thallanx arrives.

Group shot

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for units or models you think would be cool/fluffy.