I've always loved orcs of all kinds: fantasy, space, big, small - anything goes so long as they are green! I recently downloaded an old album I used to listen to as a kid (Status Quo - courtesy of my dad!). This is besides the point, however, it conjured up lots of memories of when I painted the old GW orcs and used to pour over back issues of White Dwarf. Orcs had so much character in those days!

Anyway, partly inspired by this, and just generally on the lookout for a new project, I picked up some 15mm Demonworld orcs from Ral Partha Europe. These for me really capture that nostalgic essence of my old school orcs, so I have set to work!

Warriors with swords and shields

Wolf riders with spears


Standard bearer

Ok...so not green, but still love the model - an ogre!

I'm currently writing a skirmish game for these guys, so I'd love any thoughts on rules as well as models.
For more info and bigger pics/workbench check out: www.scaleneutral.blogspot.co.uk