In the first game we baited some necron close combat thingies with the eldar rangers and their new ranger special character, backed up by my 6 stealths with counterfire defense.
We killed two of the necros outright and wounded another. Eventually in H2H we lost. My stealths failed their LD and bounced toward my table edge. Unfortunately,
I didn't get to see how Aun'shi worked that game because in their 2nd turn they dropped two monoliths about 12 inches from our defense line, and two units with deathmarks
proceeded to template kill both my FW squads. And since it was S8 I couldn't use FNP. I also didn't get to see how velocity tracker worked because time was called before
we could start our 3rd turn.

In the second game (against chaos daemons) we again baited using the rangers. This time it was against a slaneesh greater daemon that had the "reroll everything but FNP" gift,
so instead of doing 7 wounds against him in counterfire I did 2. But they did drop a unit of 20 khorne lesser daemons in front of my bunker! Aun'shi used the extra shot at half range.
It may have taken 72 FW shots and a broadside unit to wipe them out, but it worked in the end. So I didn't get a chance to see what overwatch looked like with the extra shot.
The pathfinder markerlights also helped my HQ take away cover from a second khornate lesser daemon unit and caused 7 wounds on them. that allowed the dire avenger unit to wipe them out
despite being in cover, and caused them to lose an objective. Again velocity tracker was useless, but this was because they didn't have any fliers.

The guy's wave serpent did well in the game. I think it survived both games and inflicted lots of wounds between the TL scatter laser, S'cannon and wave shot. He also did a good job of baiting
other units with his falcon and having them come up short on the charge.

We received a bye on the 3rd game due to an odd number of teams and us having the low point total (one loss, one tie). It kinda irked me because the the two highest point totals didn't even finish their 3rd game.